Scott Walker To Headline MD GOP Fundraiser

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The Maryland Republican Party has historically had problems getting out of its own way. Lots and lots of self-inflicted wounds and an abysmal fundraising track record. You’d think winning the governorship in 2014 might have solved these problems, at least for a while.

You’d be wrong. While Larry Hogan has done a nifty series of dance steps to avoid getting caught up in the ongoing tire fire of the Trump campaign, for some inexplicable reason the GOP has decided to bring in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to be its featured speaker at a September fundraiser.

Walker, famously described by Charlie Pierce as “the goggle-eyed homunculus hired by Koch Industries to manage their Midwest subsidiary formerly known as the state of Wisconsin,” is best known for (1) voter suppression laws, (2) anti-labor laws, and (3) deep and abiding corruption that has seen almost a dozen of his former confederates go to jail. Making one question why “moderate” Maryland Republicans would make him the headliner for a fundraiser?

Let’s hand the mike over to AFSCME 3 President Patrick Moran for a comment:

“Our hard working, middle class Maryland families are deeply disappointed that Governor Larry Hogan has invited Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Maryland to raise campaign money.

At a time when Americans feel frustrated with an unbalanced economy, manipulated by corporations and CEOs, it is no surprise Goveror Walker’s anti-working family campaign for president was clearly rejected by voters.”

Well said. And thanks also to AFSCME for letting me know about the fundraiser.

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