Working Families Party Endorses Clinton

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The Working Families Party, a major supporter of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary process, has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

The Working Families Party will endorse Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, the latest show of support from a progressive group that had worked to defeat the Democratic nominee in the primaries.

“We were pretty enthusiastic for Bernie; he told the truth, and we liked it,” said Dan Cantor, the national director of the WFP, referring to Clinton’s primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. “We’re now shifting, obviously. There’s a pretty important election coming up. There’s overwhelming support for Clinton. And we’re going to continue the political revolution in every district we can.”

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According to Cantor, 60 percent of members were needed to make the move to Clinton, and 68 percent did so. Most of the holdouts preferred that the WFP make no endorsement; few members, he said, wanted the WFP to get behind the Green Party.

“We’re all about building progressive infrastructure,” Cantor said. “You don’t do that by running another progressive candidate when there’s so much on the line.”

The WFP decision is the latest in a heartening series by progressive groups to get behind Clinton.

The WFP’s decision comes after some of Sanders’s most prominent endorsers got behind Clinton. The Communications Workers of America, the largest pro-Sanders union, endorsed Clinton; MoveOn, which backed Sanders in January, said after the final primaries that Clinton was the Democratic nominee and deserved progressive support.

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