This Is Not A Good Thing

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For those of you who haven’t escaped the oppressive heat of the DC area, in addition to my condolences (I’m in Cape Cod for the week), here’s something else to weigh you down. I just got a Montgomery Alert that Sprint is having so many problems that you can’t even call 911 reliably. The message is remarkably bland:

S: Alert Montgomery – Sprint Cellular Service

Sprint cellular service is affected throughout the area. If you receive a busy signal when you call 9-1-1, please use a landline phone or a cellphone covered by another provider.

Reminds me of my last conversation as a Sprint customer back in 1997. I called to complain about weak signal and dropped calls, and the guy I was talking to said “sir I can’t hear you. You need to go where there’s a better signal.” I was in downtown Rockville. Bye bye lame cell company.

This is more serious. If only one part of your cell system is working it really ought to be 911.

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