The Trump Chronicles: Part 2

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Yesterday was the debut post of a likely infinite-part series of The Trump Chronicles, which gives readers a daily dose of Donald Trump lunacy all packed into one article. Today, Maryland Scramble is proud to present you part two.

We start off with one of the funnier stories about Trump today. CNBC’s Jon Harwood reported that a source close to Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort told him Manafort has lost complete control of his candidate. To make matters worse, the source went on to say Manafort is basically mailing it in at this point and many campaign staffers are “suicidal.”

Naturally, Trump’s campaign denied the story was true. Has there ever been a campaign that flat out admitted “yea, we are a total cluster….” Manafort was on Fox News today saying the campaign was in “good shape” and campaign spokesman Jason Miller noted the campaign had its strongest month of fundraising, and of course made sure he mentioned how many people Trump was turning out at his rallies.

Which brings me to the next story. Apparently Trump’s campaign is in such good shape, some of his closest supporters are busy planning an intervention to try and calm him down and get him to tone down his rhetoric. Quick FYI, this is not the first time Trump’s inner circle has tried something like this and my gut is telling me these interventions do not seem to be working.

It gets better though. Not only has Trump’s campaign, of course, denied this story is true, since apparently all of these things are pulled out of thin air by journalists covering his campaign; but the people who are planning to lead the intervention include GOP Chair Reince Prebus, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, and New Jersey Governor Christ Christie. What could possibly go wrong?

But remember, the campaign is in great shape. So great that senior Republican officials are coming up with contingency plans just in case Trump decides to bail on his race against Hillary Clinton. See, things are just fine, believe me.

Speaking of his campaign, somebody is not doing a good job of telling Trump about the swing states in this election. In an interview with the Washington Post, Trump kicks it off by apparently not knowing that Loudoun County, VA is one of the big swing counties in the state. Phil Rucker, who conducted the interview, told him Loudoun was such a county, which prompted Trump to call in one of his aides to tell him the big news.

Then, to compound the problem, Trump asks Rucker if the same thing applied to Fairfax County. How does a guy running for president not know the bellwether counties in one of the nation’s top battleground states?

Just read through the Post interview. Does this sound like somebody who has a clue about anything? The most interesting part of the interview is the number of times Rucker notes Trump getting distracted by what was on the TV and off on tangents completely unrelated to what was being discussed in the interview. Rucker counts five different occasions where this happens.

This is consistent with the story Trump’s ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, who helped write Art of the Deal, has been telling over the last few weeks. Schwartz has said a lot but one of his anecdotes recounts Trump’s inability to focus on an issue for more than a few minutes.

Thankfully, a president never has to focus on more than one crisis at a time. Dodged a bullet there.

Now for the really serious item on today’s list. Serious is an understatement, this is scary. NBC is reporting that Donald Trump repeatedly asked an international foreign policy expert a few months ago why the United States could not use nuclear weapons. He asked the question three times to be exact.

Keep in mind that earlier this year, Trump also refused to rule out using nuclear weapons in Europe. But now we find out Trump doesn’t know why nuclear weapons are so bad and why we can’t casually use them whenever we feel like it. And just when you didn’t think this couldn’t get more frightening, you come to the realization that he didn’t say this at a rally to rile up his supporter, which would be bad enough; Trump asked this question in a private briefing.

So, to recap: Donald Trump and his campaign insist everything is just peachy despite reports of a campaign manager acting like a defeated man, staffers who, to put it lightly, are less than thrilled with their work environment, and plots of an intervention by Rudy Giuliani who gave a speech at the Republican Convention that can be summed up by this picture, Chris Christie who has a history of telling voters to “sit down and shut up,” and Newt Gingrich, the guy many people point to as the one who started the scorched earth politics that infects Congress to this day.

On top of all of that, he doesn’t have the slightest clue about anything, even the areas he has to win in crucial states that will decide the presidential race, has the attention span of a squirrel, and practically begged a foreign policy expert to tell him nuking countries was perfectly fine.

I am afraid to ask; but what will he come up with next?

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