The Trump Chronicles: Part 1 [UPDATED]

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Earlier today, Jon mentioned that it is getting really hard to keep up with every crazy thing Donald Trump is doing these days. I would say that is quite the understatement, so I decided to put all of them in an article.

In this edition of The Trump Chronicles, we list every bottom dwelling act of Donald Trump in one place in an effort to help you, our dear readers, keep up with all the madness.

Jon covered two of these episodes already today. The first involved Trump throwing a mother and her crying baby out of a rally in Virginia. This came after he initially said he loves babies and that they could stay. Believe it or not, this was not the worst thing he did today.

The other story Jon mentioned dropped late in the day when Trump said he would not endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan or Sen. John McCain in their primary contests, despite the fact both Ryan and McCain have thrown their support behind him. So yes, the nominee of the Republican Party is refusing to support two senior Republican lawmakers, going so far as to praise Paul Ryan’s primary opponent. Can you smell the party unity?

But wait, there’s more. This one does not involve Donald, it involves his son, Eric. On “CBS This Morning,” Eric Trump, while discussing the numerous sexual harassment allegations that forced Fox News head Roger Ailes out of a job, told Charlie Rose that his sister, Ivanka, is too strong of a women to allow herself to be sexually harassed by her boss or co-workers. Because of course sexual harassment is of no fault of the person doing the harassment. It’s those damn weak women that are the problem….

Still not done yet. In a speech today, Trump said he would actually encourage some companies to leave the United States to set up shop in another country saying:

“When a company moves and wants to move, as an example, to Mexico, we’re going to wish them luck. But when they want to sell their product in this country, we’re going to say, ‘Sorry, but you have a 35% tax to pay to get your product back in.'”

“And here’s what’s going to happen: for the most part, they’re not going to move. I think very few are going to move because you’ve taken the point out. And if they do move, we’re going to make a fortune, okay?”

“In fact, sometimes you say ‘Please move. Please move, we’d like you to send plenty of product in here.”

So just to clear this up, this guy won the Republican nomination in part because of his rhetoric against companies moving to other countries, and destroying the lives of white working class Americans in the process. This didn’t stop him from telling supporters he wouldn’t mind if some of this happened just so he can slap a 35% tariff on their products to bring in more money to the government.

Last, but certainly not least, we arrive at the worst thing Donald Trump did today. This afternoon, an Iraq War veteran Lt. Col. Louis Dorfman gave Trump the Purple Heart he received during his service. This should have been a layup for Trump, especially in lite of the fact his controversy involving the Khan family is now in its fifth day. All he had to do was say “thank you” and a couple of nice words about Lt Col. Dorfman’s service.

However, this is Donald Trump we are talking about here, so of course he didn’t do this. Continuing the brain fart that has lasted for over a year, Trump said “I’ve always wanted to get the real Purple Heart. This was much easier.”

Remember, this is a guy who got four deferments to avoid serving in the Vietnam War.

So to recap, in addition to feuding with the family of a dead US solider, I still cannot believe I am saying this about somebody who may be president next January, Donald Trump is now feuding with crying babies and their mothers. He is also showing everybody just how much he values loyalty by refusing to endorse two Republican incumbents who have already endorsed his presidential candidacy, had his son blame the victims of sexual harassment for sexual harassment, told the disaffected workers supporting him, who have been hurt by companies leaving our country that we would encourage some to do just that because more money, and told a wounded veteran he enjoyed getting a Purple Heart the easy way as opposed to, you know, actually getting wounded in combat.

All of this happened today. There is still more than 90 minutes left in the day, so this post may be updated. If not, I am sure there will be a whole new list of Trump meltdowns tomorrow.

Unbelievable. To quote Jeb Bush, “Donald needs therapy.”

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long did it?

This evening, on Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” Donald Trump’s spokesperson, and absolute disgrace of a human being, Katrina Pearson, when asked why she thought Trump honed in on Capt. Khan’s mother, Ghazala Khan, staying silent during Khizr Khan’s moving speech at the Democratic Convention last week, replied that Khan has “apparently been a strong proponent of Sharia law.” Pearson is piggybacking off of Trumps insinuation that Mrs. Khan stayed silent, not out of overwhelming grief over the loss of her son, but because she was not allowed to speak since apparently all Muslims treat their wives as second class citizens.

Pearson, like her boss, is apparently unaware of the fact that Mrs. Khan has indeed spoken about the loss of her son before. But why would they start paying attention to facts now?

Trump’s heinous spokesperson also went on to blame President Obama for Capt. Khan’s death in 2004.

A few thoughts on this:

1) Obama was not president when Khan died. George W. Bush, the guy who started the Iraq War, was. Obama did not become president until Jan. 20, 2009.

2) Trump has said a number of times that Khan would not be dead had he been president since he opposed the Iraq War.

3) Of course this is a lie. Trump initially supported the Iraq War. He only started speaking out against it when it became politically expedient to do so.

4) Barack Obama, unlike Trump, opposed the Iraq War from the very beginning. When it counted. It is one of the reasons he defeated Hillary Clinton, who voted for the Iraq war in the Senate, in their 2008 primary battle.

5) Trump and his dingbat of a spokesperson, are inadvertently saying Khan would still be alive if Obama had been president in 2004 since we never would have gone into Iraq.

And this is the guy who still says he has the best brain and has a knack for hiring the smartest people?

I am one who believes in the saying “what goes around, comes around.” Karma can be a real bitch sometimes and I believe it will hit people like Donald Trump and Katrina Pearson like a ton of bricks someday. And when it does happen, they will probably deserve it and then some. 

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