The Next 40 Years Mapped Out

-684Days -17Hours -24Minuts -43Seconds

How to make heads explode in the right wing nutosphere, in one lovely bumper sticker.

2 thoughts on “The Next 40 Years Mapped Out

  1. Ed F.

    Frankly, that would make even more heads explode on the left, where many of us are tired — nay, despairing and despondent — of seemingly endless dynastic politics? Want to win an election? Why take a chance on someone who has been working hard to make a name for herself or himself, when you turn to ready-packed scion of a political family?

    Do I love Michelle Obama? Oh, yes. She’s a natural, and if she decided to get engaged on political issues and ran for office someday, I’d be thrilled. She’s brilliant, charismatic and a helluva speechifier. But, she should have to work for it. Ditto for the next generation. Even more so.


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