An Iconic Photo

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The Joe Biden video last night had a beautiful photo of my friend, neighbor, and fellow 2014 candidate Evan Glass at a gun control rally in Annapolis.

Looking at the photo this morning, I realized that it was taken at a 2013 rally that Evan and I attended together. Too bad, I thought, that I wasn’t with Evan when this photo was taken.

Then I looked at the photo again and realized that I WAS with Evan – right next to him in fact.

The only reason it’s not obvious is because the woman in her left foreground is holding her sign out in such a way that my face is partially obscured.

Evan’s the center of the picture, no doubt, and kudos to him for being so prominently featured. But I feel really good that I was there, less than a year after Rebecca’s funeral and outraged by Sandy Hook, advocating for better gun control laws. One thing you can’t see from the photo that I will add is that my son Ethan, then 12 years old, was also appalled by the Connecticut massacre and asked to come with me to Annapolis that day. He’s probably right between me and Evan, too short in those days to be seen over the mass of signs.

I’m proud to have been even a small part of such a great photo.

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