Adventures In Conventionland

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Today’s journalism project was a wild cavalry ride across the convention floor, leading to a daring raid on the Maryland delegation’s colors. Refusing to surrender, I fought courageously through security, the Secret Service and several food service workers back to freedom, where I was greeted as a hero by the media and other less privileged attendees at the convention.


No, not really. I’d be in handcuffs if I did all that, and then how could I be typing this blog post? But I did get to spend some time on the floor, courtesy of a delegate pass from undisclosed sources, and while there I managed to get a priceless shot of some loopy Wisconsinites wearing those super cool cheesehead hats.

And while I didn’t steal the Maryland banner, I did get a nice picture of myself with it. Thanks Johntel Greene!

Good thing I decided to dress up today – first time not wearing shorts all week.

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