Media Distortion

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I posted this directly to Facebook about an hour ago. A message that needs to be spread far and wide.

The media, in its constant hunt for controversy among Democrats at the convention, and its transparent desire to draw equivalences between the “chaos” of the GOP convention last week and the current convention, distorts reality in its over-obsession with the very small number of hecklers who made themselves heard yesterday. At times, the “dissenters” were as few as 2 or three, while the overwhelming majority of ALL delegates was respectful in tone and utterly united and focused on defeating Donald Trump in November.

All it takes to be heard in the Wells Fargo Center is a loud voice and two or three like-minded friends. That is no more a “trend” than is a person standing on the street corner spouting conspiracy theories. And yes, we had some of those in Center City Philadelphia yesterday, too.

To the media: the plural of anecdote is not data. And the loud obnoxious voices of a few disgruntled delegates says nothing about the real state of affairs in the Democratic Party. Do your jobs and report the real story, not the sensational one you’re just dying to type up. Democrats are united behind Hillary Clinton, and to a significantly greater degree than are Republicans behind Trump.

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