LCV Scorecard

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Lost amidst the hubbub of yesterday’s events here in Philadelphia, Maryland LCV put out its annual scorecard of Maryland legislators. And they did a very smart thing – they tagged me on Twitter to make sure I saw it.

Maryland General Assembly gets positive marks for passing strong legislation on climate change and pesticides but loses points for failing to ban plastic bags and protect underserved communities from harmful health and community impacts, according to the 2016 Environmental Scorecard released this week by the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV).  

 The scorecard highlights the environmental voting record of all 188 legislators, and describes the General Assembly’s overall record on those issues each year. 

 “Maryland legislators demonstrated strong leadership on environmental issues, but our scorecard showcases tremendous opportunities for growth and improvement,” says Karla Raettig, executive director of Maryland LCV. “Our elected officials made great strides in passing strong legislation to promote renewable energy and aggressively reduce Maryland’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions, as well as landmark legislation eliminating harmful pesticides from consumer use.”

Smart move, folks. Give a cookie, get a blog post. Smoothly played.

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