FL-Senate: Grayson Implodes

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Florida Democrats have no good choices left in a critical Senate primary to determine who will face off against Marco “Suddenly I Want My Job Back” Rubio. Last month it was Patrick Murphy who was revealed to have exaggerated pretty much his entire professional biography. Now allegations regarding an alleged extensive domestic violence history are emerging about already embattled Alan Grayson, Murphy’s primary opponent. Politico has the details.

Rep. Alan Grayson’s Senate campaign began disintegrating Tuesday as supporters and a top consultant abandoned him in the wake of a POLITICO report detailing decades of domestic-abuse allegations from his wife.

The fallout could have the effect of drying up hard-to-come-by cash for the struggling campaign, just as vote-by-mail ballots are about to go out for Florida’s August 30 primary. The candidate has already seen one set of campaign staffers quit en masse, and has been dogged by an ethics investigation into his ownership of a Cayman Islands hedge fund and ties to slave labor in Africa.

The congressman, through a spokesman, denied his ex-wife’s claims of battery, which were detailed in police and court records dating to 1994. But the political damage was severe nonetheless.
“Unfortunately, this deeply disappointing revelation means progressives have no great options in the Florida race for Senate,” Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee said in a written statement that announced they were pulling their endorsements.

Revolution Messaging, the progressive digital consulting firm that powered Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ insurgent presidential campaign, has dropped Grayson as a client and isn’t allowing him use of its e-mail technology, potentially a major blow to a candidate who has relied on small-dollar donations.

The Communications Workers of America, a union that also endorsed Grayson, said it will need to examine what happened before deciding whether to pull its endorsement.

“We are just learning about this and are looking into the allegations. We’ll decide next steps over the next couple of days,” said CWA spokeswoman Candice Johnson.

Grayson’s campaign appears to be on hard financial times. He reported having raised a paltry $55,000 and had $484,371 on hand at the end of the second quarter. He reported spending no money over a three-month period, an impossibility; when POLITICO raised the issue, his campaign said the report was in error and that it would file a new one. Grayson’s Democratic primary opponent, Rep. Patrick Murphy, raised $2.4 million and has $7.2 million on hand.

What a complete and total clusterfuck. The chance of winning this once exceedingly winnable race is now pretty much down to zero, no matter who wins the primary.

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