Today’s Raucous Start Happened Because Democrats Can’t Get Out Of Their Own Way

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I have been a pretty harsh critic of Bernie Sanders and some of his hardcore supporters throughout the year, but today, I am having a hard time mustering up the same level of criticism.

I’ll start by saying it is insane for them to be booing the very mentioning of Hillary Clinton’s name. At the same time, they are angry today and they have every right to be.

Not at Hillary Clinton, but at the entire Democratic Party. Sanders and his supporters have said the process was rigged against them from the beginning of the primary process.  Despite some evidence to the contrary (debate schedule, anybody?), they were told by the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, that she and the DNC were a neutral party and were not putting any weight on the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Well, internal DNC emails leaked over the weekend proved what Sanders and his supporters suspected all along; the DNC Chair lied to them. Multiple times.

Claims of primary contests being stolen or voting machines being hacked to skew election results in favor of Clinton are still absurd, mind you.

Once again, Hillary Clinton has her day ruined with an email story. Only this time, it was not because of her own bad judgement and stupidity. Instead it was the bad judgement and stupidity of Ms. Wasserman Schultz.

It is because of her, and the Democratic Party as a whole, that the Sanders people are as up in arms as they are today. She should have been canned, or resigned, months ago for the good of the party. Instead she decided to stay on as chair, through all of her false indignation, because of her over-inflated ego.

At the end of the day, I tend to think cooler heads will prevail. But it is going to going to take a day or two.

Some hardcore #BernieOrBust people were always going to make some noise this week; but thanks to an incompetent party chair, and other party leaders who lacked the guts to force her out before tensions reached a boiling point, the noise will be amplified to the point where it may rival, or even surpass, the chaos we all saw in Cleveland last week.

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