Clinton/Kaine 2016

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He’s been the front runner for a number of weeks now, and today, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine has officially been tapped to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

Kaine was the Governor of Virginia before his election to the Senate in 2012 and was the runner up to Joe Biden in President Obama’s VP selection back in 2008.

Of course there will be some who will not like the pick. And they should get over it.

No, Kaine is not perfect. I did not like him signing onto a letter about reducing some regulations on regional banks, and I disagree with his support of offshore oil drilling.

On the other hand, he is on the right side of the issue 90% of the time. He opposed privatizing Social Security and supports lifting the payroll tax cap, he opposes the Keystone Pipeline, supports President Obama’s actions to combat climate change, has a 91% rating from the League of Conservation Voters. Kaine is also a supporter of raising the minimum wage, and is in favor gun control and comprehensive immigration reform.

On foreign policy, Kaine voted in favor of the Iran nuclear agreement, and supports the normalization of relations with Cuba.

As Governor of Virginia he expanded pre-K for low income families, and has introduced legislation to lessen the focus on standardized testing and to reduce the cost of college tuition in the Senate.

And despite the banking letter he signed onto, Kaine is a supporter of the Dodd-Frank legislation that increased regulation on banks after the economic collapse in 2008.

Planned Parenthood gave him a 100% voting record, as did NARAL; he has a 100% rating from the Brady Campaign, a gun control advocacy group, a 100% from the Human Rights campaign, and the AFL-CIO, one of the largest unions in the nation, gives him a rating of 94%.

Kaine was also one of President Obama’s first big name supporters back in 2008.

He is a solid Democrat and a solid progressive on nearly every issue who has experience in government, especially in foreign policy. And being a popular Senator from a swing state, who could have a strong appeal to suburban and college educated voters, makes him a strong addition to the ticket.

Do not let perfect be the enemy of the good. There are legitimate disagreements to have with Sen. Kaine, but to say he isn’t a real progressive is insane.

The Republican Party just nominated a guy who spent most of his speech last night in a red-faced rant about how awful everything is in the country. This is a guy who has said horrible things about Muslims, Hispanics, and just about everybody who is not a white male. This is a guy who spent today, one day after accepting his party’s nomination, reviving a conspiracy linking Ted Cruz’s father to the Kennedy assassination.

Are people really going to waste time complaining about Tim Kaine?

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