Melania Trump Plagiarized Michelle Obama’s 2008 Speech

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When people invoke the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things,” this is why.

Shortly after Melania Trump’s widely praised speech about her life story and marriage to Donald Trump concluded, people began to wonder why it sounded so familiar to them. It was almost like they had heard it before.

Well, they had heard it before. It turns out that whoever wrote Melania Trump’s speech lifted an entire paragraph from Michelle Obama’s 2008 remarks at the Democratic National Convention. Seriously.

Here are Michelle Obama’s 2008 remarks:

Michelle Obama Remarks 2008

Now watch Melania Trump’s remarks.

Wow. And it’s not like there was an attempt to paraphrase the First Lady’s 2008 remarks. She pretty much repeated them verbatim.

This was by far the best speech of the night. What came before it amounted to a funeral for America where the main themes centered around calling Hillary Clinton a murderer who should be in prison, attacking undocumented immigrants as criminals, and attacking the Black Lives Matter movement. It also included speakers like Scott Baio who refused to apologize for re-tweeting a picture calling Hillary Clinton a c-nt, and Antonia Sabato Jr. telling news outlets after his remarks that he has no doubt President Obama is a Muslim who is “with the bad guys.”

Afterwards was no better with former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s monotone, rambling remarks that pushed a rising party star, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, out of the network coverage; forcing her to give a speech to a small TV audience and a very small audience in the arena.

Now this speech will be remember for it’s plagiarism and nothing more. Once again, it is always something with the Trump campaign. How could the speech writers be so blatant and careless?

Add this to the chaos that ensued earlier in the day with the Never Trump movement getting steamrolled by the RNC, and Trump and his campaign going to war with John Kasich over his skipping of the convention, and you get an absolute disaster of an opening night for the GOP.

This is why the Trump campaign cannot have nice things.

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