#NeverTrump’s Last Stand Will Happen This Afternoon

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The Never Trump movement has endured nothing but false hope and failure this year as they have sought to take the GOP nomination away from Donald Trump and replace him with, well, anybody really. They still have not come up with an alternative candidate.

All seemed lost after the rules committee rejected an amendment last week to unbind the delegates and allow them to vote for whoever they chose, instead of being tied to the results of the primary and caucus contests in the Republican Primary earlier this year.

Down to few options, the movement began collecting signatures from state delegations to bring the rules package, passed by the committee, to the full convention in the hopes it gets voted down. If this happens, the party has to go back to the drawing board and reconsider the rules, and will be under even more pressure to unbind the delegates.

They needed the majority of delegates from seven states to force a full convention vote on the rules. Apparently they have collected the required signatures from at least nine state delegations.

The convention secretary has accepted the signatures and the delegates will vote on the rules package this afternoon.

This effort, like all the others, will likely fail. But at least it’ll be interesting to watch.

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