Clinton VP Scorecard

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A good assessment in the Post this morning on the state of play in the VP sweepstakes on the Democratic side. I have no idea which direction she’s leaning, so it should be an interesting week on that front. Generally, after the utter fiasco of Trump’s rollout of Mike Pence as his running mate, I think Clinton will be inclined to play it safe with her choice and also with the selection and rollout process.

A liberal firebrand who could stoke the passions of the Democratic base. A Hispanic who could fire up one of the country’s fastest-growing population — and make history. Someone with governing experience who might also help with a key group where Demo­crats lag: white men.

With less than a week to go before presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is expected to select a running mate, these are among her choices. She has focused intensely on the task in recent days, according to multiple interviews with Democrats familiar with her thinking. And she is looking for the best partner in the White House more than the best campaign asset, they said. So while her highly anticipated announcement could telegraph crucial electoral calculations, it may signal even more how she plans to run the presidency.

The process, which comes to a head this week as Donald Trump and Republicans convene for their national convention in Cleveland, began to come into focus late last week. A day after campaigning in Northern Virginia with Sen. Timothy M. Kaine (Va.) — widely considered a front-runner despite his self-deprecating description of himself as “boring” — Clinton and top aides hunkered down at her Washington home Friday to evaluate a parade of a half-dozen other possible partners.

The takeaway from interviews with dozens of Democrats is that she has an array of options, and her ultimate choice will reveal a great deal about the president she intends to be. Clinton’s interviews with the contenders have been short on chit-chat, instead homing in on each candidate’s policy chops.

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