Chaos In Cleveland [UPDATED]

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Well that didn’t take long.

The Never Trump thought they had forced a floor vote on the convention rules after collecting more than the required amount of signatures to bring it about, per the rules of the convention.

Instead, the convention rules were put to a simple voice vote which resulted in the chair ruling the “ayes” had it which resulted in the rules being adopted and absolute chaos on the floor. Microphones were cut off and the delegations from Iowa and Colorado walked out of the convention hall.

The explanation coming from the party is that signatures were withdrawn, which only gave the movement the majority of signatures in six states, one below the seven required to force a roll call vote on the rules.

Anybody who heard the voice vote could tell you the “ayes” did not win out. If anything, it was impossible to determine whether the yays or nays won the voice vote given how loud each side was yelling. In essence, the GOP establishment steamrolled the opposition to help Donald Trump. Oh the irony.

[NOTE: Shurberg throwing my $0.02 in here. Despite a concerted effort which resulted in microphones being turned off, the chair refused to identify which three states withdrew their signatures. My guess is that the answer will turn out to be that none did. The powers that be didn’t want a roll call vote because that would have exposed fissures in the claim of GOP unity. The optics of this power play, on the first day of the convention no less, are atrocious. Which means that today is just another day at the office for the Trump campaign.]

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