Please, Please Let This Be True

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God, if you’re there, it’s me, Margaret. I promise not to ask for anything else before the holiday season if you’d please, please, PLEASE make this happen.

Word on the street is that former Georgia congressman and House Speaker Newt Gingrich will be joining presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump at an Ohio rally tomorrow, making an appearance that could very well serve as an audition to be the billionaire’s running mate.

Several reporters tweeted the news on Tuesday afternoon that Gingrich will be a special guest at Trump’s Cincinnati rally on Wednesday evening.

We’ve known for a while that Gingrich is a top contender for Trump’s VP, but the two have not appeared together since that news broke. Tim Alberta over at the conservative National Review reports that the appearance is a “trial balloon” to gauge how well people receive the pair.
Gingrich, meanwhile, has made no secret that he’s interested in the No. 2 slot. He most recently backed away from his decades-long support of free trade, a pivot seen as an attempt to bridge his biggest policy gap with Trump.

How much do I want this? Here it is in cartoon form.

Pretty much unquantifiable.

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