Bernie Still Not Going Away

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Bernie Sanders gave a speech billed “Where We Go From Here” to supporters in New York City this evening.

Initially Bernie ran though a laundry list of historic achievements over the course of this country’s history; from gay rights, to women’s suffrage, to a $15 an hour minimum wage. He used theses examples to encourage his supporters the importance of thinking big and fighting for what they believe in; adding, there may be more people out there who support a specific point of view than they think.

He listed a congressional race in Syracuse and a state senate race in California as races he will try to help progressive candidates win and said the supporters of his movement should focus on running for school boards, state, and local offices to build it at the grassroots level.

The speech transitioned into his wins over the establishment during the primary, how many doors they knocked, calls they made, and money he raised without the help of Wall Street and SuperPACs which then segued into the bashing of the Koch Brothers, Citizens United, and GOP passed voter ID laws that disproportionately disenfranchise minority voters. Basically he ran through his stump speech.

As per usually for Bernie Sanders, the speech went on, and on, and on, and on. He ended the speech saying “the struggle continues.” No exit from the race, no endorsement of the presumptive nominee of his party.

Bottom line is it was same old, same old from him. I am not sure why he gave this speech considering he just gave the same one last Thursday.

He says he will do everything he can to defeat Donald Trump and yet he doesn’t seem to be doing much to help in the effort at the moment.

I still believe he’ll get there; but for right now, he remains a bit of a headache for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.

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