Marco Rubio to Announce He is Running For Senate Re-Election

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The writing has been on the wall for the better part of a week now, but today Marco Rubio will make it official and announce he is seeking re-election to his Florida Senate seat, reversing previous pledges to the contrary.

Democrats were optimistic about picking up the open seat, given the relatively weak GOP primary field and a strong candidate of their own, Rep. Patrick Murphy. As I said last week, Rubio jumping back in the race complicates things for Democrats, but the race remains a toss-up given Rubio’s low approval rating and Murphy’s fundraising prowess.

And the risks for Rubio are not negligible given Trump’s troubles with the state’s Latino electorate and the effective end of his career if he should lose his race to Murphy.

Regardless, Democrats path to a Senate majority just got a little bit harder.

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