How Many House & Senate Candidates Have More Money Than Donald Trump?

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If you’re like me, you are just starting to get your laughter under control after seeing Donald Trump’s financial reports Monday evening.

For a quick refresher, hours after firing his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump had to deal with the embarrassing release of his campaign’s most recent financial report.

The report showed Trump with just $1,289,507.76 cash on hand. I had to do a triple take just to make sure I was not reading the number wrong. Turns out I wasn’t. The presumptive nominee of the Republican Party has just under $1.3 million to run a presidential campaign.

And this doesn’t even count the $45 million dollars in debt the campaign owes, including to Trump himself.

On Tuesday, a friend of mine mentioned how funny it would be to see how many House and Senate candidates had more money than Trump. I laughed, but it also gave me a great idea. Why not take a look and see?

Turns out, quite a few candidates have more than money than Trump. This includes 73 total House candidates (three candidates for open seats, 67 incumbents, and three challengers). Another 19 incumbents are within $70k of reaching Trump’s cash on hand total.

On the Senate side, a total of 42 candidates have more money in their campaign coffers than The Donald; including nine candidates for open seats, 26 incumbents, and seven challengers.

Believe it or not, there are still three presidential campaigns, excluding Democratic Party presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, sitting on more money than, as Esquire writer Charles Pierce eloquently calls him, the Vulgar Talking Yam. The all but defunct campaigns who still boast larger bank accounts belong to Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson. Yes, this guy.

And just to add insult to injury, Trump only has $360k more cash on hand than Carly Fiorina.

All together, there are a grand total of 119 candidates across the country who have more money than Donald Trump. All but three are running district or statewide races. The other three are no running for anything.

Remember, Donald Trump is running for president. A nationwide race. With less than $2 million. Wow.

You can see the complete list below:

Trump Sucks 1

Trump Sucks 2

Trump Sucks 3

Trump Sucks 4

Trump Sucks 5

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  1. Chris Perry

    Looks like it’s time for Big D to start pulliing out the tin cup with the pencils. Or maybe he should take over a Manhattan street corner selling apples? Maybe yams!??

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