Hogan MTA Cancels Baltimore Transit Hearing

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In 2015, the Hogan Administration cancelled the Baltimore Red Line, angering Baltimore elected officials and transit activists who had worked on the Red Line for years. Several months later, in a clear effort to show that the GOP administration isn’t abandoning Baltimore transit needs altogether, came up with a new bus-based transit plan called BaltimoreLink. That plan as initially presented had some major flaws to it so MTA planners went back to the drawing board.

An series of presentations for Baltimore elected officials were scheduled for this week. The public rollout of the plan is set for next month. Last week, with little notice or fanfare, the MTA cancelled this week’s presentations, creating renewed anger and questions regarding the state’s seriousness as regards the transit program for Baltimore.

“It’s frustrating and it’s disappointing,” said Del. Cory McCray, a Baltimore Democrat. “The lack of communication that has happened at this agency is just horrendous.”
McCray said he learned Monday that a briefing planned for Thursday had been canceled and no alternative date was set. He said it is important for lawmakers to understand the new version of the plan before its public release because constituents come to them with questions.

McCray expressed further thoughts on his Facebook page.

Baltimore County Delegate Steve Lafferty, chair of the County house delegation, had a similar reaction.

Del. Steve Lafferty, chairman of the Baltimore County House delegation, said the MTA sent him an email Friday calling off a briefing set for Monday. He said that while county senators weren’t expecting to attend, at least five members of the 24-member House delegation were planning to be there.

“This is not a very good sign of cooperation,” said Lafferty, a Towson Democrat.

No new date for these presentations has been set.

If Hogan is trying to persuade Baltimore folks that he’s not ignoring them, he’s doing a terrible job.

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