MCDCC Overwhelmingly Refuses To Support County Council’s Budget

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Among the whispers and rumors following the Montgomery Democratic Central Committee’s Tuesday meeting was this: MCDCC’s Issues Committee brought up for consideration a resolution in support of the County’s recently adopted “Education First” budget, which I hasten to add unanimously passed the County Council.

After a brief but intensely negative discussion, I am told that the resolution was overwhelmingly rejected. What in the world is going on here? The Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee has put itself on record as not supporting the budget passed by their all-Democratic County Council.

I’ve got several serious issues with the MCDCC’s action.

First, why is the committee voting on an issue like this at all? The Central Committee is not a policy-making body and is not equipped to make any meaningful review of a document as complex as the County budget.

Second, if the MCDCC wanted to have an actual conversation on the budget, you’d think that they’d want to have members of the Council take part in that discussion. Instead, the resolution on the budget, I’m told, was introduced AFTER County Councilmembers Hans Riemer and Nancy Navarro presented to the Committee on a separate topic and had left the meeting. A total lack of communication and a slap in the face to the members of the Council.

Third, as I understand it, one of the primary functions of the MCDCC is to support our elected Democratic representatives at both the State and County levels. If the budget passed by the Council was so controversial, putting this resolution to a vote with no input from those who passed it was a reckless and grossly inappropriate action.

Episodes like this one remind me of Will Rogers’ lament – “I don’t belong to any organized political party, I’m a Democrat” – but humor aside, this is no way for a serious Party organization to act.

3 thoughts on “MCDCC Overwhelmingly Refuses To Support County Council’s Budget

    1. Jonathan Shurberg Post author

      I know there was a discussion at the meeting but I don’t know the details. The vote was simply a rejection of the favorable resolution.

  1. Linda Mahoney

    My understanding of the issue as presented was the recommendation (by someone who was not in attendance, so no lengthy debate) that the MCDCC send a letter in support of the County Council’s adoption of the budget. One objection was that, as with almost every budget, the County Council had to cut funding in many budget lines in order to fund other activities/line items. The feeling was that a letter such as that recommended could be misconstrued. So, now we have a situation where NOT sending such a letter is being misconstrued.

    I’m just a “newbie”, but I believe that everyone on the MCDCC appreciates the difficult job that the Councilmembers have in balancing all the needs of the many varied population segments in the County. To them, I’d like to convey my sincere thanks for doing a tough job on a daily basis.


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