Clinton & Sanders: Progress Continues

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Bernie Sanders live streamed a video to his supporters tonight, vowing to fight on and to help remake the Democratic Party but no longer suggesting that he will be the Party’s presidential nominee.

Bernie Sanders refused to concede in the Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton during a live-streamed video address to his supporters on Thursday night, pledging to take his army of delegates to the party’s July convention — but no longer directly addressing the possibility of defeating the presumptive nominee.

“We must continue our grassroots efforts to create the America that we know we can become,” he said, sitting in a cramped studio in his hometown while pledging in his starkest terms yet to take on Donald Trump. “And we must take that energy into the Democratic National Convention on July 25 in Philadelphia where we will have more than 1,900 delegates.”

There hasn’t been an endorsement yet, but there’s been a good bit of progress in a relatively short period of time.

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