Let’s Dispense With This Fiction That Hillary Clinton Is Somehow Worse Than Donald Trump

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Let’s face it, the “Clinton is worse than Trump” talking point was ridiculous prior to the last week-and-a-half. But after the most recent dumpster fire(s) we all witnessed from Donald Trump, guy who could actually be president in seven months, we have reached the point where the people who peddle this point of view have reached peak trolling. This includes Green Party nominee Jill Stein, who pushed this point of view on Twitter and in an interview with Democracy Now just last week.

In case people are still inclined to believe this, let’s just review Trump’s greatest hits over the last week or so.

First, he had to answer for his clear intention to defraud veterans delay in sending the money he raised way back in January to various veterans charity’s across the country. Turns out most of the money was not released until May and it just so happen to coincide with the release of a Washington Post story reporting Trump had not dispersed the money, despite Trump repeatedly claiming otherwise on the campaign trail.

Second, Trump attacked Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over the civil suit involving the now defunct Trump University, saying that because he is “building a wall”, the judge couldn’t possibly be a neutral arbiter because he is a Mexican; even though Judge Curiel was born in Indiana.

Despite the controversy over trying to disqualify a judge based on his ethnicity, it did not stop Trump from adding a Muslim judge could never be fair to him either. Both statements drew strong condemnation from not only Democrats, but from many Republicans as well. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) went so far as to rescind his endorsement.

If the first two were not bad enough, this week brought out the worst in Trump; a very high bar to clear.

In the wake of the shooting that killed 49 people at a Gay Nightclub in Orlando, later found to be carried out by an ISIS sympathizer, Trump, of course, made it all about him; tweeting to his followers his appreciation of their “congratulations” for being right about the threats of Islamic terrorism.

Just one day later, he suggested to Fox News that President Obama was either complicit in the attack or at the very least sympathized with the man who perpetrated it. In other words, he reverted back to his birther roots, suggesting the president is a foreign born Muslim who may, or may not, be a secret terrorist.

Instead of apologizing for what he said, Trump responded by banning the Washington Post from his events due to their reporting on his clear insinuation that Obama was somehow involved in the Orlando shooting. The Post is just another addition to a growing list of press outlets banned from Trump events; including Politico, Buzzfeed, and The Huffington Post.

Oh and he also gave a horrifying speech on Monday afternoon where he doubled down on his proposed ban on Muslims entering the country.

Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but whatever flaws she has pale in comparison to this. And I just mentioned stories from the last week or so; I left out all of the horrible stuff Trump has said and done prior to that.

Clinton has never tried to disqualify a judge based on racial prejudice; she has never made any proposal to discriminate against people because of their religious beliefs by banning them from the country. Nor has she bragged about “being right” after a terrorist attack; or engaged in InfoWars level conspiracy theories.

And while Hillary does in fact hate the media, her worst offense is not giving them enough interviews or press conferences. Well, that and roping them off like cattle in a July 4th parade last year.

Yet, unlike Trump, she is not a danger to a free press that has operated in this country since its founding. Imagine what Trump would do to a free press as president. Would he move to shut down newspapers or news channels for critical coverage? He has already stated his support for expanding libel laws so he can sue media figures and organizations.

What Trump is doing/saying/proposing is flat out dangerous.

But please, Jill Stein, and others, tell us again how Hillary Clinton is worse than Donald Trump.

Thinking Hillary is too hawkish, too pro-business, not progressive enough, or hell, too progressive, is one thing. Saying she would be worse or more dangerous to the nation than an impulsive, thin-skinned, bigot who represents a threat to the first amendment and the very values this country stands for, is flat out insane.

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