Sorry, Dave Asche, I’m With Charlie Pierce

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Dave Asche was extolling the virtues of Elizabeth Warren the other day, touting her as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Now that we’re going to be writing on some of the same stuff heading towards the fall, I can engage in one of my favorite activities: vigorous disagreement. And in this case, I can do so by engaging in one of my OTHER favorite things: quoting Charlie Pierce, who was swooning, as were we all, with Warren’s latest takedown of the vulgar talking yam.

She clearly has taken quite to heart her new role as Secretary of Shade in the HRC shadow cabinet. Linking Trump’s attack on Judge Curiel to the efforts of More Serious Republicans to stymie the president’s other judicial nominees is some first class, old-school East Cambridge nut-cutting. 

* * *

However, this is another example of why SPW should not be vice president. She does her best work when, as the Scripture says, she is praying somewhat outside the camp. For the moment, anyway, the Secretary of Shade is in.

Secretary of Shade? I think we have another winner from Mr. Pierce. And he’s right – Warren should stay right where she is. She’s too valuable to take such a useless job like Vice President.

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