More 2018 Previews Coming Up

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In no particular order, I’ll be writing up the following potential 2018 races over the next few days. So don’t touch that dial – keep it tuned right here for more goodies.

CD3 and CD7 – who’ll look to go federal if the incumbents end up in a 2018 Senate race? Hold on to your hats for these lists.

Comptroller – does Peter Franchot run for governor? If he runs for reelection, does someone run against him in the primary?

Montgomery County Executive – will Ike Leggett run for reelection? Will he even get the chance with a term limits charter amendment on the horizon? How many Councilmembers will run for executive? Will David Trone decide that this is the race in which to throw his considerable weight around?

Montgomery Council At-Large – with three potential open seats if term limits passes, who ISN’T thinking about this race?

Montgomery County Council Districts 1-5 – who runs, who stays, who’s eyeing these seats covetously?

Later on, we’ll look at key MoCo and other legislative races for 2018, but it’s probably too soon to do anything other than throw some darts at the wall and just rampantly speculate. Not that I have anything against rampant speculation, mind you. But we’ll hold this category for at least a little while.

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  1. Der Nister

    You really think there’s the ghost of a chance that Ike Leggett will run for reelection as county executive?


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