Elizabeth Warren to Endorse Hillary Clinton

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Elizabeth Warren, Senator from Massachusetts and progressive icon, will officially endorse Hillary Clinton in the next week or two, according to sources.

Warren remained neutral throughout the primary battle between Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but over the last few weeks, communication between the Clinton and Warren camps has significantly increased. The Massachusetts Senator has also taken on a very active attack dog role as of late, lambasting presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump every chance she gets.

So while her coming endorsement of Clinton is no surprise, given she is now the presumptive nominee of the party, it is still a significant one. She has been talked about as a possible running mate for Clinton; but more importantly, she is seen as someone who can bridge the current divide between Hillary and Bernie Sanders who can also help convince his supporters to unite behind Clinton in the general election.

The roll out of the endorsement will certainly be something to watch. Will it be a simple press release? An round of appearances on the Sunday morning political shows? Or will they go even bigger and have a joint campaign event?

The latter is obviously the best theater, but we’ll see in the coming weeks how they go about it.

Clinton has some work to do to get the progressive wing of the party behind her going into the convention in July. Having Elizabeth Warren on board this early is certainly a good sign.

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