Clinton Wins South Dakota; Leads in California. Sanders to Speak at 1:00 AM.

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In a bit a surprise, Hillary Clinton has won a close race in South Dakota over Bernie Sanders. I know it was a primary state but it is also a state that Sanders has typically won big this year.

Meanwhile, in California, about one-third of the vote is in, mostly early voting and mail-in ballots, and Clinton leads Sanders by a 62% to 37% margin. This is much larger than many expected, even though early voters tend to be older and more partisan, which obviously helps Clinton.

There is still a lot of vote left to be counted, but for Sanders to pull off one last upset victory, he needs to hope his base turned out in big numbers if he wants to over take the nearly 400,000 vote lead Clinton currently has.

Sanders will also be addressing supporters in California tonight at 1:00 a.m. Eastern Time. Thankfully I am a night owl and will be tuning in.

This is perhaps the most interesting question of the night. What is Bernie going to say, especially knowing that California may be a bit of an uphill climb for him?

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