Begun, The 2016 Veto Wars Have

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Governor Larry Hogan flung down his gauntlet to the General Assembly today, vetoing five bills passed during the 2016 legislative session.

Gov. Larry Hogan announced the veto of five bills as part of his final decision on nearly 100 bills passed in the 2016 General Assembly session.

Among the rejected measures is legislation mandating increases in the amount of electricity generated by wind and solar to 25 percent by 2020, a bill establishing a transit oversight board, and a bill requiring the state to set aside funds to pay for the replacement of the aging Gov. Harry T. Nice Bridge in southern Maryland.

Last year, all five of Hogan’s vetoes ended up being overruled. We’ll see what happens this time. I’ll have a look at the votes and handicap the outcome soon.

I’ll say one thing for Hogan – nobody uses the “Friday before a holiday weekend news dump” like good old Governor Larry.

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