The Justice Department Stands Up For Transgender Rights

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Earlier today, the neo-Confederate state of North Carolina sued the federal government over DOJ’s announced determination to hold North Carolina’s HB2 “bathroom bill” in violation of the federal constitution.

DOJ struck back firmly and forecefully, countersuing North Carolina. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, no less, gave a full throated defense of transgender rights, one that has never been made by anyone at the federal level.

How good was this statement? It made my friend Dana Beyer cry. That’s some powerful stuff. Bravo, Madam Attorney General.

One thought on “The Justice Department Stands Up For Transgender Rights

  1. Gail

    Hmmm, how about states’ rights, for starters ??
    And then how about the first time a pedophile or pervert who uses the cover of this law to pose as being transgender and traumatizes ( or worse ) a young girl or attacks a woman ?

    The DOJ has never tracked down hundreds ( or is it thousands ?) of guns they let walk into the hands of drug cartels, one of which WE KNOW killed a U.S. border agent, that they STILL have done nothing about, but where someone goes pee-pee and with what equipment is their priority ?!?!?
    And liberals think this is a good thing ? *sigh*


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