So About That Voter Turnout . . .

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On April 27, it was announced that turnout for the primary was the highest in modern Maryland history. The BOE announced that turnout was over 1.6 million, which we now know is incorrect, as the BOE’s numbers show total turnout of just over 1.36 million. Still a record (2008 saw 1.2 million votes with Barack Obama on the presidential ballot for the first time), but not as much as initially reported, and off by a hardly insignificant 250,000 votes.

But let’s put aside the ongoing embarrassment of the BOE’s data collection efforts. It’s a long list of errors and omissions  and it’s still growing as we speak. I have a different question.

Anyone want to hazard a guess over what drove the increase from 2008 to 2016? We’ve had lots of cheering and back-patting over the turnout – was it warranted?

Second question: 2008 being the last election with no early voting, what role did early voting play in the increase?

Being the incorrigibly bratty twerp that I am, I’m gonna hold the answer to that question – memorialized in three eye-opening spreadsheets on my desktop – until Monday morning.

If you want to hazard a guess between now and then, have at it. But you’ll want to see the data, I promise you that. C’mon back on Monday.

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