CD8 Precincts: Legislative District 18

-686Days -9Hours -44Minuts -22Seconds

The theme here was “Trone fights Matthews to a draw on her home turf, and while no one is looking, Raskin finishes first.” Kathleen Matthews saw her vote split largely in half by Trone, killing her chances of building a base. In fact, she lost her own home precinct (07-01). The difference between 18 and 16 is that Trone won a larger share of the vote here, and even beat Matthews in a number of precincts (i.e., 04-26, 13-25, 13-27, 13-29, 13-30, 13-36). The fact that a number of these precincts were heavily minority should come as no surprise. Trone made inroads in such areas everywhere. It also didn’t help Matthews that Ana Sol Gutierrez performed well in LD18, but this should not have been a surprise.

Overall, a whole bunch of disappointing numbers for Kathleen Matthews.

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