BREAKING NEWS: John Kasich Drops Out. Clears the Field for Trump Nomination.

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News just in this morning is Ohio Governor John Kasich is suspending his campaign for president, officially clearing the field for Donald Trump.

Kasich spent the entire campaign portraying himself as the grown up in the room; in stark contrast to the Donald Trump’s and Ted Cruz’s of the primary. Unfortunately for Kasich, the message never fully resonated. He had a good showing in New Hampshire and did win his home state of Ohio (the only state he won), but aside from that he typically finished behind both Trump and Cruz in a number of contests.

His only hope in the final weeks of the campaign was to be the White Knight savior in a contested convention. He consistently polled better against Hillary Clinton than either Trump or Cruz so there was some merit to his strategy. But the last couple of weeks, culminating with Trump’s landslide win in Indiana blew his strategy apart.

The race was over last night, but now it is official as the last two men standing in Trump’s way have dropped out.

On a personal note, I thought I would be happy when this day came. The day when Donald Trump would be the leader of the Republican Party heading into the 2016 general election. However, as I said last night, Trump can actually win this thing.

So while Clinton does begin this race as the favorite, a position she would not be in if she were facing any other candidate in the GOP not named Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, I am not exactly jumping for joy.

It’s a pretty sad day for the country when a guy like Donald Trump can win the nomination of a major political party. A party that has produced the likes of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Eisenhower.

It is also a frightening day for the country at large given we are an unforeseen attack, or a decrease in the Obama Coalition turnout away from Donald Trump actually being the President of the United States.

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