CD8 Spreadsheets: Legislative District 20

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So off we go on our scenic tour of the 8th Congressional District. I’m doing these roughly in the order I did them yesterday and this morning, and I’m a big believer in starting at home.

22 out of the 26 LD20 precincts are in CD8, representing a little under 12% of Election Day turnout.

As is usual, D20 is a tale of two districts. The 5s, primarily outside the Beltway, are less super progressive than the inside the Beltway 13s, led by Takoma Park. Even if you don’t know the geography, you can tell that Jamie Raskin did better in some precincts than others. In his core Takoma Park locations, such as 13-04, 13-06, 13-21, and 13-68, he rolled up the score, earning over 60 and even 70% in some large precincts. But further out beyond the Beltway, David Trone won the home precinct of both Sheila Hixson and Will Jawando. Jawando did well in Takoma Park, placing second in Raskin’s home precinct of 13-04. Trone did well in precinct 13-15, an amalgam of the Indian Spring and Montgomery Knolls neighborhoods. I’ll bet that his performance was better in the latter area, traditionally a low-performing precinct with an older white population and a growing minority presence as well. Prime Trone territory, in other words.

Neither Trone nor Kathleen Matthews made any significant inroads here, nor would they have expected to. Raskin probably would have liked higher turnout in D20 compared to LDs 16 and 18, but it may well be that his strong early vote performance may have weakened the ultimate Election Day turnout here. Won’t be able to know that for some time.

Will Jawando and to a lesser extent Ana Sol Gutierrez did well here, relative to their overall performance.

The spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

Next up: Legislative District 18.

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