Um, Hey Josh Hicks, Can I Have A Word?

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So Josh Hicks of the Post decides to jump in way too early and try to list the potential candidates for the eventual open District 20 Senate seat. And promptly breaks an ankle.

Democrats are already discussing who should fill Raskin’s seat should he win in November. The possibilities include freshman state Del. William C. Smith Jr. (Montgomery), who is 33 and black; former gubernatorial candidate and state delegate Heather R. Mizeur, who is 43, white and gay; former Montgomery County Council member Valerie Ervin, who is 43 and black; and former Obama White House aide Will Jawando, a 33-year-old black lawyer who finished fifth behind Raskin in the primary.

Hey, Josh, news flash – my good friend Heather Mizeur sold her house in Takoma Park and moved to Chestertown over a year ago. Oops.

And another thing – there’s another delegate who’s openly expressed interest in the seat (David Moon), and then there’s this amazingly talented and prolific blogger who just might throw his hat in the ring too. Just sayin’.

White and Asian guys are, as far as I know, still eligible to apply for appointment to vacant legislative seats. Not that you’d know from the Washington Post. 

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