Dana Beyer On MD-SEN

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Dana Beyer’s latest Huffington Post column takes on the issues in the Maryland Senate race.

It was about something that Aristotle once called Ethos, and which today we characterize as Integrity. Honesty, Civility, Credibility, Decency, Loyalty and maybe even the archaic concept of Honor, all make up Integrity.

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In politics, integrity means something a little different from its common usage. The currency of politics is not money, which we have too much of anyway, but loyalty, of which we have way too little. It’s about committing to, and investing in, a candidate, who then reciprocates by holding to the standards of your social contract with her. It’s about the first law of politics in a representative democracy — that outside of issues of war and peace, the most important role an elected representative plays is in representing us. Not herself, not her caucus, not her party. If she’s not playing the trustee role and representing her country, she should be representing you and me.

At the end of the day, in politics as in life, integrity is all we really have.

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