Trone Further Cuts Into Raskin’s Lead

We’re not sure where these numbers are coming from in the 8th but they are going the wrong way for early leader Jamie Raskin.

Trone continues to dominate the election day vote with 5,613 votes. Raskin has 2,745.

Updated cumulative totals:

  1. Raskin: 12,604 (32.8%)
  2. Trone: 11,295 (29.4%)
  3. Matthews: 9,172 (23.9%)


2 thoughts on “Trone Further Cuts Into Raskin’s Lead

  1. Jay

    They don’t appear to like the Semitic folk up in Carroll and Frederick. Raskin is getting obliterated there. In Montgomery, doing quite well. On the other hand, over half the vote in in C and F, less than a sixth in in M, so if Raskin does as well in the rest of Montgomery he’ll probably be OK.

  2. Pete White

    I live in Carroll. Trone signs were everywhere and we rarely see any Democratic signs except outside of teacher’s houses. Since Raskin is the Montgomery Co. insider in the race, Carroll would vote against him automatically. A lot of our residents still refuse to accept the new district, although most of the complainers would be voting in the GOP primary. Hang on, Jamie.


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