(Partially) EXCLUSIVE: Crazy Exit Polls

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Here’s what MSNBC has said about the Dem primary exit polls so far:

College graduates 59%
Income level: less than 50K 27%, 50-100K 32%, over 100K 41%
Under 30: 12%
Very liberal: 22%
Under 45: 35%
White/black/other: 43/46/10

Needless to say, I have big problems with this last number. It’s even higher than any of the polls I called flawed for too heavy a minority voter pool.

And then this, exclusively for you my fine friends: an unnamed but reliable source told me just a few minutes ago that Chris Van Hollen is leading the exit polling by a spread “just outside” the margin of error of the poll.

So what do we know? We know that these exit poll results are all over the place. We know there’s under 90 minutes before the polls close. We know they’ll be plenty of time to parse these results later. So if you haven’t voted, go do it. Right now. Scoot. Get going.

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