BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Wins Delaware. And a Few Updates.

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The results are coming in pretty quickly and another race has just been called. Hillary Clinton is the projected winner of Delaware.

This was a state where she led, but Bernie was within striking distance. Apparently not close enough though. He still has a few shots left in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania.

Speaking of these states, less than 1% of the vote is in from Pennsylvania but Clinton currently leads 58% to 42%.

In Connecticut, about 18% of the vote is in and it is basically tied. Sanders leads 49.2% to 49.0%, or 141 votes.

And in Rhode Island, 14% of the vote is in and Sanders is leading Clinton by a healthy margin of 59% to 39%.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is on track to sweep all 28 delegates in Connecticut as he has already won the state and currently leads in all five congressional districts.

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