BREAKING: O’Malley Endorses Van Hollen

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Former Governor and presidential candidate Martin O’Malley is endorsing Chris Van Hollen in the Senate primary. Here’s the email going out this morning:

At this critically important time for Maryland and our country, we need a progressive U.S. Senator who is able to deliver results for our great state and to move the nation forward.

That progressive is Chris Van Hollen, and I’m urging you to support him in the primary tomorrow.

In their endorsement, the Baltimore Sun calls Chris “highly effective”, and “by far the most qualified candidate to carry on the Mikulski tradition” and I agree. He can get things done for Maryland.

In my time serving on the Baltimore City Council, as Mayor of Baltimore, and as Governor, Chris was a reliable, progressive partner in the General Assembly and in Congress.

In Annapolis, he made our communities safer by taking on the NRA to pass the first trigger lock law in the nation.

Demonstrating his commitment to helping every community, he negotiated a historic agreement to distribute education funding more fairly to schools that need it the most.

And he has been an unwavering champion of the environment. In Annapolis and in Congress he’s been a leader in the effort to tackle climate change and Chesapeake Bay cleanup by standing up to Big Oil, passing the law to ban drilling in the sensitive Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Chris has also been leading the charge to build an economy that rewards hard work and boosts paychecks for those who need it the most. He has a plan to rein in Wall Street excess by ending special tax breaks for hedge fund managers and CEOs, because he believes that hardworking Marylanders deserve to take home their fair share.

And for our seniors, Chris has been the first line of defense against the Tea Party Republican efforts to cut Social Security and end the Medicare guarantee.

Chris knows what’s needed to move Maryland forward, and he knows how to get things done.

I stood with Barbara Mikulski in her historic campaign for U.S. Senate in 1986, and I’m standing with Chris tomorrow on election day. I hope you will join me in voting for a progressive who will get things done for the state we love.

Thank you,

Martin O’Malley

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