Edwards’ Personal Super PAC In For Another $544K

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Presumably on the strength of more money from Donald Sussman (hidden from public view by the timing of the donation), Working for Us has filed a 24 hour report indicating that it is spending $544,974.30 to rebroadcast the ad that Barack Obama and others thought was so offensive they demanded it be taken down. The ad that helped spark a Van Hollen surge that has culminated in a 16 point lead. Brilliant plan!

This is the equivalent of leaving the casino at dawn, drunk and depressed, having blown $1 million at the black jack table, and suddenly having the brilliant idea that what you really, really need to do is hit the ATM and take out half a million more and get back to the table. With the same strategy that lost you the first million.

Yeah, that’ll work. “Please, Mr. Sussman, come on back in and let’s play. First drink is on the house.”

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