Bill Turque Gets His Funny On

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In the continuing non-story about David Trone’s ads about who Jamie Raskin did or didn’t take money from, and Raskin’s overheated response thereto, Bill Turque has a good story on the Post website today. So good that Turque’s wife calls it “his funniest story evah.” I don’t know about THAT, but it definitely has some funny components to it.

Here’s a bit of the actual story:

But there’s at least one name on the list Trone should be quite familiar with — Gerard Evans. Evans is one of two lobbyists Trone employs in Annapolis to represent Total Wine & More, his chain of big-box wine, beer and spirits stores. Evans donated $250 to Raskin (Montgomery) on Feb. 21.

Evans’s presence is a reminder that although Trone the candidate can decry the corrosive effects of special interest money in politics, Trone the businessman is, in the eyes of some 8th District Democrats, one of the corrodants. He has spent more than $1.4 million ($274,000 in Maryland) lobbying state governments since 2011, according to a review of records by the Baltimore Sun.

Tres amusant, mais oui?

There’s a few other things Turque could have mentioned, but he was clearly playing this for snark, and as the Snarkster in Chief around these parts, I can affirm that he definitely got it. But dude, really, I gotta say, “thirsty for more” is probably a pun too far. But I do appreciate the effort. Keep it up.

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