Tony Kornheiser Weighs In On The CD8 Race

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In addition to Maryland Scramble’s radio debut, there was another radio show that discussed the CD8 race yesterday. You think I’m opinionated? Wait till you hear what Tony Kornheiser has to say.

A little back story. A couple of weeks ago, local sports radio guy Kornheiser was lamenting the fact that there were lots of Jamie Raskin and Kathleen Matthews signs in his D.C. neighborhood near the Maryland border, but no Trone signs.

David Trone apparently got wind of Kornheiser’s comments, so in true Trone fashion, he decided to send Kornheiser a sign. Apparently a 4 x 8 sign, which arrived in the studio of Kornheiser’s show yesterday. Here’s a copy of the letter Trone sent with it.

Here’s an audio clip of the irascible and outspoken Kornheiser, offering some commentary on the race. Lovers of Jamie Raskin’s TV ads, you might not want to listen.

One thought on “Tony Kornheiser Weighs In On The CD8 Race

  1. David Baltimore

    OK. Another dig by Scramble at Raskin. But Mr. Tony could at least describe the election correctly- they are running for the House not Senate.


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