Early Voting: Day 8 (The Big Finish)

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Just under 38,000 Democrats across Maryland voted in today’s last day of early voting, bringing the total to 188,910 for the eight days of early voting, or around 9 percent. Pretty solid numbers all around – what remains to be seen is whether a massive increase in early voting turnout leads to higher overall turnout, or just displaces what would have been Election Day turnout numbers. Ask me again next week.

I’ll have the final spreadsheet in the morning, but here’s some of the large county Day 8 turnout, by number and percentage of the total electorate. It was big.

Prince George’s  8,027 (1.84%)
Montgomery 6,929 (1.88%)
Baltimore County 5,910 (1.94%)
Baltimore City 5,336 (1.80%)
Anne Arundel 3,201 (2.08%)
Howard 2,484 (2.50%)

As expected, Prince George’s caught and passed Montgomery on the last day, but as I’ve stressed all week, the margin was significantly lower than it was in 2014, 787 voters as compared to over 5,000 two years ago. In Baltimore, the County margin over the City dropped as well, from around 3,000 votes in 2014 to just under 1,000 this year. Here’s the Big 6 totals for the week plus a day, with percentages for each county.

Prince George’s 35,866 (8.20%)
Montgomery 35,079 (9.51%)
Baltimore County 29,512 (9.70%)
Baltimore City 28,571 (9.64%)
Anne Arundel 16,549 (10.76%)
Howard 12,813 (12.89%)

Full spreadsheet in the morning. On to Election Day!

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