Emily’s List Lights $500K On Fire

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Chris Van Hollen has opened up a lead of somewhere in the 10-15% range, there’s five days left until Election Day, and Donna Edwards is most likely very low on or completely out of money.

What does Emily’s List do? Why, they decide that today is the perfect day to spend another $500,000 on Donna Edwards. I’m sure THAT investment will pay off handsomely. In Opposite World, anyway.

Rep. Donna Edwards is getting some last-minute, much-needed help in her Democratic Senate primary campaign in Maryland against Rep. Chris Van Hollen.
Women Vote, a super PAC run by the Democratic women’s group Emily’s List, is putting $500,000 behind new ads for Edwards in the final days before Tuesday’s primary. The ads will run in the Baltimore, Salisbury and Washington media markets.
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The group has spent $2.4 million on the race, helping Edwards to tie Van Hollen in polls when she was airing no ads of her own. It has also put $500,000 toward get-out-the-vote efforts supporting Edwards. But it has not bought airtime in the race since March, and this month Van Hollen and super PACs supporting his bid have dominated the airwaves. A Monmouth University poll released Thursday suggests his message is breaking through, showing him leading Edwards by 16 points.

I really hope one of the swing state Senate races doesn’t end up falling just short because Emily’s List doesn’t have the resources in October for a last push. Because while they are free to spend as they see fit, this decision right here to get wasn’t made with any strategic calculus at all. I really hope the entire country doesn’t end up living with the consequences of this bad decision.

2 thoughts on “Emily’s List Lights $500K On Fire

  1. Alex Knobel

    Where do you draw the line here — at what point should EMILY’s List not spend any money in primaries, because there’s always a general election down the line?

    1. Jonathan Shurberg Post author

      For purposes of this post, Emily’s List should make the same determination any group would. Given where our candidate stands today – five days out from a primary – and down somewhere in the 10-15 point range, should we make this last ad buy? Or should we cut our losses now and find a better way to spend this $500,000? That’s just common sense.


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