Edwards Trying To Mend Fences With CBC

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Roll Call has a story this morning reporting that Donna Edwards has been meeting recently with fellow Congressional Black Caucus members hoping to gain some late endorsements ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

So far, not so much. And the history that the story recounts says a lot about the critique of Edwards that has emerged during this campaign.

On the verge of a possible upset of the Democratic Party’s longtime golden boy, Rep. Chris Van Hollen, in Tuesday’s Maryland Senate primary, Rep. Donna Edwards has a question for her fellow members of the Congressional Black Caucus: Why aren’t more of you endorsing me?

POLITICO has learned that Edwards met privately last week with several CBC members to voice her frustration that so few African-American lawmakers had offered her their support, according to five sources familiar with the meetings.

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nversations said some of Edwards’ CBC colleagues responded to her in frank terms. Members of the CBC have long considered her abrasive and said she’s not an easy colleague to work with.

“She has not developed good relationships with the members of the CBC, quite frankly,” said a source familiar with the CBC. “A lot of people find her difficult.”

The article closes with a big question as we’re five days out. You know the question. I know the question. It’s been my obsession for more than a year, but it’s shifted a couple of times now. What’s he gonna do?

It is unclear whether Edwards’ meetings will be successful in securing endorsements for her in the last days before the primary.

She could use the boost: A recent NBC4/Marist Maryland poll found her trailing her competitor by 6 points, signaling she has potentially lost the slight edge she had on Van Hollen just a few weeks ago.

But CBC members don’t appear to be coming to her rescue. Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, for example, endorsed Maryland African Americans Will Jawando to take over Van Hollen’s congressional seat and Catherine Pugh for Baltimore mayor in the past few days.

But asked whether there could be one more coming — perhaps for Edwards, his fellow Marylander? — he shrugged and walked away.

Welcome to my world, Roll Call. Welcome. And here’s hoping that Cummings keeps shrugging for five more days.

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