BREAKING: Sun For Van Hollen – “An Easy Call”

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Late this afternoon, the Baltimore Sun endorsed Chris Van Hollen in the Senate primary.

In the hard-fought Democratic primary, the choice is clear: Rep. Chris Van Hollen Jr. is by far the most qualified candidate to carry on the Mikulski tradition. The seven-term congressman from Montgomery County has demonstrated the same kind of leadership skills and devotion to progressive causes whether in the halls of the state Senate in Annapolis or in Congress. His rise from Rep. Connie Morella’s successor in 2003 to then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s assistant three years later marked his arrival as someone who could get things done within the chamber.

Mr. Van Hollen’s record has not simply been about casting votes when called to the floor but about shepherding legislation, whether it involved reducing the interest rates on student loans or providing health insurance to millions of Americans who couldn’t previously afford it. Even as Capitol Hill grew increasingly partisan, Mr. Van Hollen demonstrated a willingness to reach across the aisle — helping negotiate bipartisan budget agreements from his post as a senior member of the House Budget Committee, for instance. His extensive knowledge of the federal budget often made him the go-to man when his party needed someone to counter the misguided fiscal assertions of Rep. Paul Ryan and others in the GOP.

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