BREAKING: Trump Wins New York. Closer than Expected Between Clinton and Sanders? [ED: Nooooooooooope.]

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In a very early call, New York as been declared for Donald Trump on the Republican side.

For Trump, it is the first bit of good news in weeks. He needed a victory tonight and he got it. Now we’ll have to see how he does in the state’s congressional districts. By all indications, his delegate haul will be pretty significant.

On the Democratic side, maybe the race is a lot closer than we thought? CNN exit polls show Clinton up on Sanders 52% to 48%, which is obviously a lot closer than what the polls indicated.

Keep in mind, these are just exit polls so we’ll have to wait to see what the actual vote count is. But if Sanders can keep Clinton’s margin of victory around four points, it will show some concerning vulnerability with the Clinton campaign.

Stay tuned.


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