BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton Wins New York

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A bit later than expected, but New York has now been called for Hillary Clinton. Turns out the exit polls showing a close 52% to 48% race were not quite accurate. Around one-third of the vote is in and Clinton leads Sanders 61% to 39%.

For Hillary Clinton, it is the status quo. I alluded to it in my New York preview earlier today, but New York is the heavily populated, diverse state Hillary has won so many times during the primary season. She not only wins, but she adds to her already commanding lead in pledged delegates.

For Bernie Sanders, he’ll probably spin this as a victory for his campaign. The guy is the Democratic Party’s version of Marco Rubio. He’ll say something along the lines of ” a month ago we were down 50 points…..”

Great. But it doesn’t matter when you turn an early 50 point deficit into a 20 point loss.

So he falls further behind in the pledged delegate count, the total vote count, and in the number of states/territory contests won. The massive revolution Bernie is touting cannot even get the majority, or even a plurality, of support in his own party; and he continues to get blown out in states that look more like the party electorate as a whole. What momentum does he keep talking about?

Bernie has run a very good race and has excited a lot of people. But despite the narrative of his campaign and his supporters, this is not a national movement ready to sweep the country. Obama had that in 2008. Bernie Sanders does not have it in 2016.

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